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Corniche’s related overseas company is proud to have been a major investor in QuantHouse since 2006. As a result of this investment QuantHouse has become recognised as the global leader in ‘end-to-end systematic trading solutions’ and is in a unique and commanding position to shape algorithmic trading. Most recently, the London Stock Exchange announced a new multi market order routing service for exchange hosting clients, which utilises an ultra fast network from QuantHouse.

QuantHouse has two main areas of operation.
The first and most immediately applicable is ultra rapid data delivery.  Using its own data centres, and its own fibre optic system, QuantHouse ensures that its clients receive information from the world’s major exchanges before competing systems, enabling them to exploit opportunities that exist in windows measured in milliseconds.

“We had many potential investors but we chose Corniche for three different but very specific reasons. First as Corniche is small and discreet we feel safe that whatever we discuss is in confidence and there is no suspicion to poison the business relationship; you don’t have to waste time covering your back or fear that someone will steal your ideas. Secondly as the team at Corniche is of professional bankers, they were very aware of our job and could therefore see the potential in Quanthouse. Thirdly there is the solidity a family office provides. Corniche does not view this as a short term investment but a long term partnership, something with a real philosophy, and the potential to create a legacy for the future.”

Pierre-Francois Filet, CEO and Co-Founder QUANTHOUSE

Algodeal is a quantitative systematic hedge fund, the investments are based on algorithms traded by computers without any human intervention. Algorithmic trading offers a great transparency to investors and aggregating a large number of trading ideas offers a way to diminish the risk.

Our capacity to test and quickly implement new trading ideas is at the centre of this process. We have built a unique technology streamlining completely the `quant process, from testing, trading, risk managing to back office. This technology can scale to thousands of CPUs and uncapped amounts of data. Our trading infrastructure is hosted in data centres around the world fed by direct exchange feeds with latency under the the millisecond. This grants us the possibility to mix asset classes, geographical flexibility and high frequency trading.

Our target is to use this cutting edge technology to filter thousands of strategies and retain a handful of unique strategies every quarter. Leveraging the innovation process combined to strict operational risk management allows us to build a transparent and strong investment platform.

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